Locate the source & cause of your plumbing problem!

If your pipes are backing up and over-the-counter clog-removing solutions don’t seem to be working, you may have a bigger issue. At Mojica Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we can provide video inspections of your pipes to locate and determine the source of your plumbing problem. Once we know the cause of your plumbing issue, we can recommend the proper repairs or replacement services.

There are various reasons your pipes may not be functioning correctly such as:

  • Pipes are crushed
  • Pipes are misaligned
  • Tree roots have invaded the pipe
  • Pipes are cracked
  • Pipes are blocked by a substance or object

If you have accidentally lost something down the drain or toilet, video inspection may be able to locate said missing object, as well. To learn more about our video inspection services and how it can help ensure your pipes are cleared and fully-functioning, please call Mojica Plumbing and Drain Cleaning today at (512) 251-7731 today.