1. Update Your Kitchen Today

    Some fun kitchen updates to try! Your kitchen is a special room in the house. Here, people make memories when they bake birthday cakes, cook Thanksgiving dinners, make soup for their sick spouse or kids, and so much more. With that in mind you don’t want your kitchen to be run down, since all of t…Read More

  2. Christmas Happenings in Austin

    Happy Holidays, Austinites! Austin is one of Texas’s most beloved cities for great reasons. There’s always something to do, something to eat, and someone to see. During the holidays, especially, Austin lights up from all angles, and our plumbing company couldn’t be happier to live here. If you…Read More

  3. Bio-clean: What is it?

    Here’s some more information on Bio-Clean If you haven’t already noticed, our Round Rock plumbers are constantly recommending Bio-Clean to our clients. But why? Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning really does care about the health of your plumbing system, and we’re always recommending product…Read More

  4. The Benefits of a Local Plumber

    Why Local Plumbers are so Necessary There’s always something special about home. The familiarity of the surroundings and people is really what makes home...home. When you’re home, you have your favorite spots, friends who you usually hang out with, and places where you go when you need help, lik…Read More

  5. Quick Plumbing Fixes

    A few quick fixes to minor plumbing issues Plumbing isn’t foolproof. Because it’s something that we’re constantly using, it’s almost impossible to prevent breakages and issues, even if we’re adamant about maintenance and only draining/flushing things that are safe. Luckily, not all issues …Read More

  6. The Areas That We Service!

    The areas that we provide plumbing to, and why they’re special! Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is a plumbing company who works hard to provide the best and most comprehensive plumbing work to those in the area. As you can see, we’re very open to traveling if it means that you get the plumb…Read More

  7. Will Austin Have a Soccer Team?

    There’s a chance that we may get a major sports team. Here’s some more information… Texas is more like a country than a state. Our state is composed of dozens of grandiose cities such as San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas, and more that boast millions of residents. These cities are more like…Read More

  8. Plumbing Costumes for this Halloween

    Plumbing Costumes for this Halloween Happy almost-Halloween, Austinites! Our plumbing company couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming celebration! While our plumbers enjoy handing out candy to the youngsters and taking our own kids to trick-or-treat, we’re often startled by the sheer amount of…Read More

  9. How to Celebrate Halloween in Austin!

    A few ways to celebrate Halloween in Austin! Halloween is but a week away. Soon, the ghosts and ghouls of Austin, Texas will be flooding the streets with their spooky presence! Our Austin plumbers love Halloween! Not only do we get to eat unhealthy amounts of chocolate and candy corn, but we also ge…Read More

  10. A Recap of Austin City Limits

    Austin City Limits rocked our city. Here are some notable moments from this year’s festival There are music festivals, and then there is Austin City Limits. This music festival in Austin was based on the KLRU/PBS music show also named “Austin City Limits.” The television show, which aired in t…Read More