I will use them again

Called them after another plumbing service came out and either wanted to perform some procedure I’ve never heard of for $400 or he thought I had a problem I did not. When I called them and I described the problem I was having and they confirmed that the other plumbing service didn’t give me the right diagnosis for the problem. The person I spoke to on the phone stated that it would take them longer to get to my house than to actually fix the problem. That’s how simple it was. I had a kitchen sink that would not drain at all do the first plumber I called put some chemicals to move the clog on would not work because as they put it, chemicals are for slow-moving drains. If the drain does not move none of the chemicals will reach the clog. A gentleman who’s name I do not recall came to the house within 30 minutes and has they said on the phone, had it fixed within 15 minutes. It was a food buildup that I had made worse by trying to fix it myself and the efforts of the other plumber only served to compound the issue. The fee I was charged was a fraction of what the first plumber wanted to charge me.
I will use them again and would recommend them to my friends in the future.

Jeffrey A.- Austin, TX