8 Ideas To Get Ahead Of Plumbing Issues

Summertime is meant to be full of carefree days. Few things can take your stress level over the top more quickly than plumbing issues. Throw an exorbitant water bill into the mix and summer can quickly go from feelgood to fret. Though there is no way to predict every single issue that could possibly come up, here are a few common issues that tend to crop up in the summer and some tips to avoid surprises.

1.Clogged Toilets

Summertime often means extra people, which equals more bathroom use. One cost-effective and straightforward way you can ease the burden on your toilet is to make sure you are using a quality toilet paper that breaks down quickly. Also, train your children to use only the amount of paper that is necessary. They can get lax over time, so a reminder is often a good idea.

To unplug your clogged toilet, merely plunge until the clog moves. If the clog is extra stubborn, you can try snaking the system or give your Austin local licensed plumber a call.

2. Clogged Drains

While not a summer specific issue, clogged drains can be a hassle no matter the time of year. Drains clogged by hair, food, dirt, grease, or whatever else can really slow down your down your day! After all, who wants to pull apart all the pipes, identify the source, and try to clear the clog themselves. Of course, drain cleaning is in our name so whether you own a home that needs the drains in the kitchen cleaned, or your bathroom sink just isn’t draining water correctly, our plumbing company can provide a solution. Additionally, we can also apply a layer of Bio-Clean to your drains as a safe way to prevent future clogs.

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3. Sewer/Septic Backups

Heavy summer rains can wreak havoc on your outdoor plumbing components. Sewer and septic systems can back up quickly during a storm. It is an excellent idea to have your system inspected before summer comes to an end. Ask the technician if he has suggestions or recommendations for you. Often they will have ideas of things you can do yourself at little cost.

How to tell if you have a clogged main sewer line? Do you have multiple clogged drains? Does water back up in the shower when the toilet flushes? Does your home’s sewer cleanout have standing sewage?

If you’re not sure, please contact your local plumber.

4. Sprinkler Heads/Hose Leaks

Time and use, as well as traffic from little feet and lawnmowers, can cause wear or even breakage of your sprinkler heads. Before you set your sprinkler to automatic, be sure to run it and inspect the components. If you see signs of wear or breakage, you will want to repair or replace immediately. You do not want to find out you have a leak when you receive a massive water bill. It is so much more cost effective to keep your system ship-shape!

5. Garbage Disposal Clogs

Summer entertaining often brings waves of new folks into your kitchen and with summer-loving foods like fruit and veggies, chances are you’ll have some new garbage disposal clogs. When guests offer to help in the kitchen keep an eye on what they may be putting down the drain. If something does get clogged, first, unplug the disposal and turn on the power source to make sure it’s off. Use a pair of tongs to reach for the stuck item. If you’re unable to reach it, follow up with ice cubes and vinegar.

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6. Pest Control

It’s typical for insects and rodents to be attracted to water sources in and around the home. Sometimes, they may cause plumbing issues … especially in the spring and summer months.

Scheduling regular plumbing inspections gives your plumbing team a chance to inspect your home for needed plumbing repairs and installations. This allows us to fix any plumbing leaks that could attract unwanted pests and rodents, therefore, minimizing your risks of summer plumbing issues.

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7. Sump Pumps

As experienced by our neighbors in Houston recently, flooding is a real issue. And, whether it’s caused by extreme weather or simply by a seasonal rainstorm, it’s always a good idea for your basement or cellar to have a sump pump in working order.

Test your pump after winter months to make sure it’s ready to keep your space dry, if needed.

8. Pipe Leaks

There are a lot of issues that can stem from outdated or broken pipework. The water damage caused by leaking pipes can be dangerous and hard to fix, and old pipes could be constructed with dangerous materials that pose a hazard. Leaky pipes are a serious problem. They are inconvenient, costly, and can actually be very dangerous.

How to Prepare Before Travel

Don’t let plumbing issues put a damper on your summer travel plans! Be prepared. Here are our tips:

  • Ask a friend or neighbor to check in on your house every couple of days
  • Before heading out, check all water-transporting hoses for cracks, loose connections or any other potential malfunctions
  • Empty your dishwasher and washing machine and leave them open, clean your garbage disposal and plumbing traps - these items will ensure you won’t come home to a moldy smell
  • Check your landscape irrigation schedule to make sure it’s set up to run at the desired days/times
  • Turn off all water taps

Though certainly not an exhaustive list, this little bit of knowledge can help you save big this summer!


Along with the preventative measures you can take to prepare for summer plumbing issues, you can count on Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning to solve your plumbing problems.

Scheduling regular plumbing inspections gives our team a chance to inspect your home for needed plumbing repairs and installations.

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