Ask Your Plumber for their Certifications

Don’t hire a plumber who isn’t licensed

It’s 2017, and the internet is a part of virtually every single thing that we do. When we need a plumbing professional, we pull out our smartphones, and type (or ask) “plumber near me.” This goes the same for mechanics, contractors, electricians, and so much more. Before, we flipped through the Yellow Pages for the number of the first professional we could find and rang them up on our landline.

The internet makes it much easier to find a quality plumber or other professional who fits the profile of what you need, and you usually have a ton to choose from. However, while it’s easy to come across a licensed professional, it’s also easy to come across someone who is fraudulent or not certified to do what you’re hiring them to do. That could be dangerous. For plumbing, in particular, you should always inquire about certifications ASAP! Here’s why.

Do you really want them in your home?

When you hire somebody licensed, you can rest assured when they’re working inside of your home that they’re not going to steal things, or worse. Usually, licenses are expensive and if one is revoked, the entire business is going to go down. Not only are our plumbers moral people who would never think about stealing from clients, but they also know that if they do, they will be caught, fired, and sent to jail. We can’t afford to hire shady plumbers who aren’t licensed and certified to be at your house!

When you hire somebody who isn’t licensed, however, the process of tracking them down and seeking justice is much harder. First, do you even know who they are? Second, they don’t have oversight and nobody is keeping tabs on the homes that they’ve been visiting. All of our plumbers are well-trusted, so you can feel good about them working in your home.


Do they even know what they’re doing?

When you hire somebody who isn’t licensed, you’re running the risk of having some “rando” working on your plumbing—don’t do that! Plumbing is a tricky business, and all of our plumbers had to go through tons of training before we hired them. And they’re still training every single day! You can’t just go into somebody’s home with an internet-based knowledge of plumbing and leave expecting things to work correctly. In fact, by hiring someone who isn’t certified, you’re taking a high risk, because things could very well turn out worse than when they first tried to fix things.

By hiring a licensed professional, you’re getting what you paid for: somebody who knows what they’re doing. Trust us, the “discount” price that they might offer is anything but that. Having to call a plumber to do a fix that’s twice as complicated as the original is going to be far from a deal!

What happens if they get hurt?

We’re licensed, and we’re insured. If an accident happens to one of our employees, they’re covered by our company’s insurance. You won’t have to be responsible for medical bills and liability claims. However, the case is much different if it involves someone who isn’t insured and who gets injured during the job. The can quickly turn the tables and blame you for getting hurt over something like “dangerous plumbing” which seems counterintuitive because that’s the reason you called them in the first place!

The second part of this is is that if this unlicensed plumber breaks something, that’s just tough luck. They’re not obligated to make fixes, and they might not even be able to afford them. Our plumbers aren’t prone to breaking our client’s homes at all, but if they do, we have the insurance to cover the damages.

Better overall work

We’re not saying that just because somebody isn’t licensed they’re automatically going to ruin your plumbing. What we are saying, though, is that professionals can guarantee a more efficient and more comprehensive job than somebody who “says” they know plumbing. All of our plumbers have gone through the rigorous training needed to receive licensure and we can guarantee that they will do a thorough job the first time.

Our plumbers worked hard for their certifications and we’re proud of what we’re able to offer our clients! For a licensed plumber, call Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning today!