The Dangers of Using a Chemical Drain Cleaner

Why You Should Probably Reconsider Using that Drain Cleaner...

It happens to all of us. Either our sink nearly overflows every time we wash our face or the tub fills with water when we’re only trying to take a shower. In many cases, our first instinct is to use a chemical drain cleaner. While this might be a quick and cheap fix, the subsequent dangers that can arise could cause a huge financial and safety burden, especially if used improperly. Because most people who’ve used drain cleaners are likely people with little to no plumbing experience, it’s quite easy for mistakes to occur. Since the chemicals can be so potent, it’s best not to use them at all and instead to contact a plumber if you’re having serious issues with unclogging your drains. Here’s why:

The Chemicals are (very) Hazardous to Our Bodies

Surprise! The main ingredients of this concoction meant to dissolve hair and other blockages on contact are dangerous! Most drain cleaners are composed of high concentrations of sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid. And, guess what? If you accidentally spill a drop or two on your skin or clothes, it’s not going to be pretty. When this type of caustic chemical makes contact with skin, it can instantly cause chemical burns which can be not only painful, but can also cause scarring and other damage depending on how much was spilled and the amount of time it took to wash it off.

Not only is the solution dangerous, but the fumes emitted by these cleaners can also be hazardous. Exposure to high levels of these fumes can cause symptoms including severe burning in the throat, nose, and eyes, difficulty breathing, vomiting, vomiting blood, and difficulty breathing. While we’re only plumbers, not doctors, we could still give you the all star recommendation to (maybe) avoid using these drain cleaners. Hospital visits are normally a lot more pricy than a 20 minutes of bathroom plumbing. Just saying…

Caustic Drain Cleaners Can Kill Your Drains

Unless you’re trained in the art of chemical drain cleaners, then chances are, you’re using them wrong. These cleaners are designed for a quick fix and not necessarily an effective one. The concentrated chemicals can very well eat away at your pipes, causing wear and tear that could evolve into leaks. Subsequently, leaks can cause mold and water damage. While the clog might be gone in the moment, chances are, it’ll probably re-clog thus starting a vicious cycle of having a clog and “hope I don’t end up in the ER this time!” Prevent this cycle by having Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Bio-Clean, a safe and effective anti-clogging agent, to your pipes.


It’s Not the Best For the Environment

If it weren’t for the earth, then we wouldn’t have water. If it weren’t for water we wouldn’t have… plumbing. Therefore, it’s in our best interest to protect the environment and maybe not pour hazardous chemicals down our drain just because we’re feeling a little lazy. Just call us, we’ll safely (and sustainably!) clean your drains for you.

Our expert plumbers are trained in the art of making sure water in your house is running smoothly and efficiently because we believe that both the Earth and your wallet could use a little break. That’s why we despise these cleaners. Plumbing is the key component to a safe and functioning household and we’ve trained very hard to make sure we get plumbing right. Don’t fall victim to the trickery and dangers of chemical drain cleaners or clogs! Luckily, drain cleaning is in our name (literally). And, we provide Bio-Clean application which safely makes sure that drain clogs never happen again!

also cause massive damage to your septic system if disposed of down the drain or toilet.