Will Austin Have a Soccer Team?

There’s a chance that we may get a major sports team. Here’s some more information…

Texas is more like a country than a state. Our state is composed of dozens of grandiose cities such as San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas, and more that boast millions of residents. These cities are more like states than they are metro-areas given their climates, locations, landmarks, and of course, sports teams. The state of Texas hosts two MLB teams, two NFL teams, and three NBA teams. As you can see, Texas loves their sports. Unfortunately, the city of Austin, while incredible, isn’t home to any of these teams. While we do have the Texas Longhorns, who make us very proud, our lack of a major sports team has been mildly sad.

But not anymore!

The city of Austin is anticipating that the Columbus Crew Major League Soccer team picks up ship and moves south to our very own city.

According to reports, the Ohio soccer team hasn’t had a popular fan base in its original location and its owners have been considering relocating to a new area. One of their prospects is Austin, Texas. Our plumbing company couldn’t be more excited.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, garnering support from almost every country. In the United States, there are 22 teams in the MLS and Columbus Crew SC is one of the least popular of them all.

There are plenty reasons why this particular team isn’t highly supported by its city. One reason may be that it’s competing with Ohio State University, one of the most popular college football teams, ever. Additionally, Ohio is known for sports. The Browns, though ranking as a bottom seed team for a while, has the support of all of Cleveland. On top of that, you have the Indians and the Cavaliers, two teams that have proved themselves as some of the best. Down south we have the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.

As you can see, Ohio has their hands full when it comes to sports. Soccer is likely the least of their worries.

One other huge reason why the Columbus Crew may be relocated is due to a lack of a proper stadium. Stadiums are an integral part of sports concerning popularity and attendance. We’ve seen a similar case with the Oakland Raiders, who will begin playing as the Vegas Raiders in a few years. Why? Because Vegas proposed a bigger and better stadium.

While there are no guarantees that this major soccer team will move to Austin, we can still hope. The University of Texas Longhorn boasts several huge stadiums including the 100,000 plus seat football stadium and even the 20,000 seat Mike A. Myers stadium where the Longhorn soccer team already plays its home games. These two already league-approved stadiums would be perfect for hosting a Major League Soccer team!

The fun thing about Texas is that despite its comradery as a whole, the multiple high-level sports teams within the state instill excitement when teams compete against each other. For example, when the Dallas Cowboys compete with the Houston Texans, the entire state is shaken up. Unfortunately, the pregame season was canceled due to Harvey, but that’s beside the point. If Austin gains an MLS team, we can finally join in on the city versus city rivalries, as Dallas, too, has an MLS team: FC Dallas.

Again, there are no guarantees of if FC Crew will move and where they would move if they do. Regardless, our Austin plumbing company can still be a little bit excited. Sports are fun, and Austin has room in our hearts for some more competition.


Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning supports our city and our state, and we know that an additional major sports team will only add to how amazing this city truly is. Austinites have a lot of soul, and we’re ready to support a potential soccer team. Whether or not they actually come, though, is totally up to the officials and owners.

As we wait for the news, which may take another year or two to arrive, we’ll continue to provide the city of Austin with some of the best plumbing installations and repairs in the area. Give us a call today!