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As the Top Rated Local® plumbers in Austin, our Mojica Plumbing team has the knowledge and experience to solve any of your plumbing problems. We understand that, while plumbing issues are extremely common in the homes of residents living in and around Austin, there are many questions surrounding our plumbing services, and plumbing systems in general. For this reason, we have combined the most frequently asked questions we hear about plumbing in one, easy-to-access location. We want our customers to have 24/7 access to information about the professional plumbing services we provide, as well as facts about common plumbing issues, major plumbing problems, and answers to all your plumbing questions. Be sure to keep up with our new series, “Ask the Experts,” where you can watch our videos and read information about the questions we hear from our customers.

Ask the Experts: Your Plumbing Questions Answered

Q: Why Should I Hire a Licensed Plumber?

Hiring a licensed plumber is a must for any plumbing job, big or small. A licensed plumber has demonstrated to the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners that they have sufficient knowledge of diverse plumbing systems and are completely qualified to repair and install these systems in your home. Licensed professionals have mastered the theoretical and practical applications of their plumbing education and can apply them according to the standards created within the plumbing industry.

Mojica only employs licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers with an acute understanding of the plumbing codes and regulations in Austin and the surrounding communities, therefore, ensuring all our professional plumbing services are performed safely and effectively.

Q: When Should I Call a Professional Plumber?

You should call a Mojica plumber when you are experiencing common plumbing problems or more serious plumbing issues that require the skill of an expert. You might call us when:

  • You’re experiencing low water pressure.
  • You notice a lack of hot water.
  • You have a burst pipe.
  • Your pipes are clogged and are backing up.
  • You need a major plumbing installation.

Q: What is Considered Plumbing Maintenance?

Staying on top of routine plumbing maintenance services can prevent costly repairs from sneaking up on you in the future. You might request plumbing maintenance services for:

  • Thorough pipe and drain inspections.
  • Pipe and leak repairs.
  • Regular kitchen and bathroom drain cleanings.
  • Routine water heater services.
  • And more!

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Mojica Plumbing and Drain Cleaning always has your safety, health, and wellbeing in mind. Whether you have a plumbing backup, a slow leak in your pipes, or need an efficient water heater installed, you can count on our plumbers in Austin to provide friendly and dependable plumbing services, no matter how big or small the job is.

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