The kitchen is the hub of the home as well as the most frequently renovated space. It serves as the spot for both nourishment and gatherings with family and friends. Today, a modernized kitchen can boast an increase in home resale values. Our local plumbing company specializes in working side by side with the Austin area’s top architects, contractors, and designers to help create our client’s ideal kitchen.

Our professional and licensed plumbers value quality, efficiency, and precision when installing your top-of-the-line kitchen plumbing upgrades. Ensure that your kitchen has the luxury and function that works for your family with Mojica Plumbing!

Pot Filler Wall Mounts

This amazingly convenient feature for your kitchen will change the way you cook. Mounted near the stovetop, the Pot Filler faucet enables you to fill large pots right where you need it with an articulating arm that folds away when not in use. No more carrying heavy filled pots from the sink to the stove.

Water Softeners and Water Filtration systems

There’s no need to avoid tap water any more. With a filtration system installed, you’ll have perfectly safe, great tasting water all the time. Small systems are super-efficient and styled to fit neatly under the sink, so only you’ll know it’s there. The powerful filtration will make all of your dishes taste better and you’ll know you’re using the cleanest water possible. Our local plumbers are experienced in installing water softeners and filtration systems in all homes!

Hot Water Dispensers

Installing an instant hot water system in your kitchen will change the way you cook and prepare hot drinks. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without boiling water at a moment’s notice. Tucked out of sight under the sink, hot water dispensers come in various wattage and capacity models, so you can choose the right fit for your home’s kitchen plumbing needs.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets

You’ll love how a touchless faucet makes everything you do in the kitchen easier. One swipe of the hand and you’ve got water at your fingertips without touching and potentially passing on germs or grime to your faucet handles. Cleanliness and sanitation is easier and you’ll be impressed by the increased efficiency in all of your kitchen tasks. There are many style options available to choose from and our plumbing company is more than able to install your pick!

Faucet Upgrades

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, a quick way to add style and elegance is with a faucet upgrade. With options like touchless, pull-down, pot-fillers, bridge style, water saving, and more, you can surely find the style that is both functional and fits your décor.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse or “apron-front” sinks are designed to make a statement in your kitchen. The sink is often a focal point in the kitchen and when it looks this good, why wouldn’t you want to show it off? Typically made from enameled cast iron, the farmhouse sink is durable, high capacity, easy to clean and gives style to both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

Let our friendly and reliable plumbers in Austin use our skills to install these modern amenities and more! Call Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning today for an appointment!