1. The Most Memorable Moments in Plumbing

    Some of the Most Memorable Moments in Plumbing History Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is the company to go to when plumbing needs arise and the job requires more than a plunger. Our plumbing company is committed to providing the Austin area with quality work and services, no matter what they m…Read More

  2. Defrosting Your Pipes

    Tips For Defrosting Your Pipes Before Destruction Hits Down here in Texas, we rarely come face to face with the evils of winter. The snow tends to stay up north and the ice doesn’t dare mess with Austin, Texas… until, of course, it does. Us Austin citizens exist in this sunny haven for a reason,…Read More

  3. Plumbers are Friends (not Fools)

    Why the Plumbing Career Needs More Recognition. It’s 2017, and we’d like to think that the world is beginning to become a better place. We’d also like to extend this idea towards the stereotypes that surround the plumbers of both today and yesterday. In the past, people envisioned plumbers as …Read More

  4. Ways to Prevent Plumbing Issues

    Some tips to prevent plumbing issues before they arise! If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, then you’re probably well aware of all of the plumbing services a licensed plumber can do for you. However, these services are either needed in time of an emergency or time of a brand new installatio…Read More

  5. To Plunge or Not to Plunge…

    When and when not to take plumbing into your own hands Plumbers, whether you may realize it or not, are the superheros responsible for keeping your home’s water systems moving smoothly and cleanly. We at Mojica Plumbing and Drain Cleaning have all of the tools and expertise to ensure that your hom…Read More

  6. The History of Plumbing

    Where Would the World be without Plumbers? Running water is much more than a luxury in the United States; it’s a necessity. Could you imagine not being able to take a warm shower on a cold, winter day? Or hand washing your clothes in the river after you dirty them? Us neither. Luckily for you, plu…Read More

  7. Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Toilet

    Don't Purchase a Toilet Without Considering these Factors! So you’re planning on adding a bathroom to your home? Perhaps you just need a new golden throne to replace one that’s been in place a little bit too long? While there are many reasons to purchase a brand new toilet, there are also many t…Read More

  8. Reasons to Call Your Plumber

      Have these plumbing issues? Call a professional! Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning knows the importance of a quality plumbing installation and repair: it’s our job. Anyway, while we understand the importance of quality we also understand the implications that a slipshod job can cause on your…Read More

  9. Our Favorite Famous Plumbers

    Some of the most iconic plumbers known to humans!   We at Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning aren’t only interested in plumbing… we also love the arts...as long as they feature strong, entertaining plumbing characters. All jokes aside, the plumbers in some of Hollywood’s most beloved cinema…Read More

  10. Plumbing Upgrades to Save You Money

    Ways to help lower your utilities bill and save water! Hey there! And welcome back to the Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning blog! We’re excited to share with you all of our tips and tricks a-la plumbing! Our Austin Plumbing company is not only dedicated to saving our customers money with qualit…Read More