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  1. Fabulous Fixtures! Choosing Bathroom Faucets Just Got Easier

    Bathroom faucets add to the overall beauty and finish of a bathroom. There is a wide range of faucets with different uses from adding beauty, to comfort, or water conservation. You need to choose faucets that are suitable for you and your house. The faucets should be practical and easy to use. Bathr…Read More

  2. Common Causes of Water Damage in the Home, Part 3

    Hello, and welcome back to our blog series! In parts one and two, we spent some time looking at various plumbing issues that may cause water damage to your Round Rock home. Some of these issues include: Common plumbing problems Human error Clogged floor drains Malfunctioning appliances Weather Linki…Read More

  3. Common Causes of Water Damage in the Home, Part 2

    Welcome back to the Mojica Plumbing and Drain Cleaning blog, and part two of our blog series! As one of the most trusted plumbing companies in Round Rock, we feel it is our duty to keep our clients and readers informed about the different elements in their home that could cause water damage. Identif…Read More

  4. Common Causes of Water Damage in the Home, Part 1

    As a homeowner in Round Rock, you have invested a significant amount of money and time into creating a comfortable home where you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends, relax after a hard day at work, and enjoy peace of mind in knowing your home is safe and secure. Yet, there are many …Read More

  5. The Worst Things to Flush Down Your Toilet

    Never flush these items down your toilet Plumbing systems, believe it or not, aren’t invincible. Everything that you flush down the toilet goes into the sewer, not just some portal never to be seen again. With that in mind, you really should be cautious whenever you flush anything down the toilet.…Read More

  6. Ask Your Plumber for their Certifications

    Don’t hire a plumber who isn’t licensed It’s 2017, and the internet is a part of virtually every single thing that we do. When we need a plumbing professional, we pull out our smartphones, and type (or ask) “plumber near me.” This goes the same for mechanics, contractors, electricians, and…Read More

  7. The Benefits of a Local Plumber

    Why Local Plumbers are so Necessary There’s always something special about home. The familiarity of the surroundings and people is really what makes home...home. When you’re home, you have your favorite spots, friends who you usually hang out with, and places where you go when you need help, lik…Read More

  8. The Areas That We Service!

    The areas that we provide plumbing to, and why they’re special! Mojica Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is a plumbing company who works hard to provide the best and most comprehensive plumbing work to those in the area. As you can see, we’re very open to traveling if it means that you get the plumb…Read More